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Videos, particularly short videos can be excellent devices to engage students but where are some good sources for appropriate video material? And how do we use them in our Blackboard classes? This second question has become very important as of this writing because the You Tube Mash-up tool in Blackboard that generated a lot of excitement is now not working correctly. In fact, using it can cause some major problems (see Terry Gray’s tutorial below).

Listed here are a few of the many video sources available to us. Most can be easily placed into Blackboard as a web link and some can be embedded. Most of the links on this page go to video sources that are keyed to education. The last three illustrate how videos can be used to (a) introduce the instructor, (b) provide guidance to students, or (c) wrap an assignment around a short video.

Terry Gray’s Description And Solution To You Tube In Bb Problem

YouTube Videos Chosen For Educational Merit (You be the judge)

TeacherTube – Videos Picked By Educators

iTunesU – Apple’s Site For Higher Ed Content

UC Berkeley – Web Casts That May Appeal To Some

The Slap – An Example Of Incorporating A Video Into An Assignment

graphic of roomClick Here To See Renee Barrett’s Video to Students – She used the XTRANORMAL Site (You write the text, the site makes the video)

Rob Mustard’s Welcome Video to Students


4 Responses to Video, Video, Video

  1. Jay Baker says:

    Nice use of xtranormal!

    • haydndavis says:

      Jay, I agree that Renee’s spot was an interesting use of the xtranormal site. You also have used it in an interesting way – as I recall, to explain something that often gives students difficulty. I wonder if any other of our colleagues are using the site?

  2. Rob Mustard says:

    Okay, Renee, it’s obvious that I need to lighten up my videos! I think that xtranormal might be the way to go — even if I just splice in some animated segments along with the other material.

    Thanks for showing us the way.

    • haydndavis says:

      Rob, I thought your introduction was terrific. Renee’s was as well – two different ways to communicate in a personal way to students. A strength of yours, I thought, was to have you talking to the students; to me it seemed very personal and as a student it would have connected me to the class.

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